Introduction to aXe

Matt Isner, Deque Systems

Goals for Today

  • Basics of accessibility debugging
  • Idenitfy bugs with aXe Chrome
  • Unit test with aXe-core
  • Integrated test using aXe-WebdriverJS
  • Install and run aXe-CLI

Accessibility Debugging Basics

  • Test with the keyboard
  • Use aXe browser extensions
  • Expose all UI and test again
  • Check headings and landmark structure

aXe Extension for Chrome

aXe extension page on the Chrome web store

aXe Extension for Firefox

aXe extension page on the Firefox addon store

aXe Extension Demo

Deque University Mars Commuter webpage

aXe-core JavaScript API

aXe-core Github page

Helpful Links

Things you'll need

  • A terminal
  • Node.js and npm
  • Git and a Github account (optional)
  • A page to test

Unit Test Demo

aXe-WebdriverJS Utility

aXe WebdriverJS Github page

Installing Drivers

Integration Test Demo


aXe CLI Github page

Install and run aXe CLI

  $ npm install axe-cli -g
  $ axe

Stuck on sudo? Fixing npm permissions

Thank you!